Where's My Release Valve?

Who here has ever felt so stressed out that they either wanted to run away or felt that they couldn’t move anywhere because their limbs felt like wet cement? Yeah, me too! These tiny little babies that we all love more than life itself can sometimes bring us to our knees. They have needs we need to meet and that comes first! But what about us? What about our need to eat, shower, or not feel like we are going to cry ourselves all of the time? Our needs matter too. So how do we do it? How do we master the needs for our babies all while focusing on self care? We can work through this together. In this workbook we will discover what is unique to you, unique to your baby and develop a custom plan to make it happen.

I need to know where my release valve is. Tell me more!

Well, if you insist! Join my waitlist and you will be the first in line to be notified when 'Where's My Release Valve: A Self Care Workbook for Mom and Baby' is released. You are joining the list because you value yourself. And your sanity. You are joining the list because you need a plan to handle the pressure. You are joining this list because you want to teach your baby self care from an early age. Let's find go find that release valve.